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Then you are in the right place! Biztek Solutions helps businesses gain efficiency and productivity, while reducing risk, all based on their specific goals and budget. Over the years, we have learned that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for hours or days to get an answer from your IT service provider. That’s why we pride ourselves on fast, efficient IT support. Our support technicians will not only resolve your problem fast, we also perform root cause analysis to prevent the problem from coming back. Partner with us today and experience:

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The Biztek Solutions IT Process


Initial Consultation Discovery Call

We start with an initial Discovery Call to see if we are good fit for your business and for you to determine the same.  This is important because we see ourselves as an extension of your business.  When you partner with an IT company, you are handing over the “keys to your kingdom,” so you must find an IT partner you can trust that will listen and work towards your business needs and goals.


Managed Service Plan

We will gather basic information about your IT systems during our Discovery Call and any follow up meetings that may be needed. Based on this information, we will deliver a managed services plan to provide support and security for your business to help us get started. We do not seek to solve every problem at this stage, so we typically only quote basic managed services so we can get to know your company and systems better before making any recommendations.


Onboarding and Documentation

If you decide to move forward and partner with us, we will being your onboarding process. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager and systems engineer to onboard our IT services. If you are switching from another IT provider, we will work with them to gather all the information they have about your system and transfer any required services. During this time, we also conduct a full assessment on your network and systems so that we can make any recommendations necessary to further enhance and protect your network. This commonly includes things like backup, firewalls and Office365 licensing. We do this during this phase so we have better clarity around your systems. You wouldn’t want to go to the doctor and tell the doctor you have some pain in your side and he rushes you into surgery, but rather, you want the doctor to perform some tests, xrays, etc to determine what is going on so that the right action can be taken. We take the same approach with new clients.


Support Go Live

As soon as we have some basic documentation and our remote access tools installed on your computers, we will be ready to go live and provide support for your team. We will always continue to build on our documentation, but it is our goal to provide support to you and your team as quickly as possible.


Ongoing Maintenance and Planning

Biztek Solutions will monitor, manage and protect your systems to ensure they are kept up to date, running efficiently and protected from cyber attacks. You will also meet with your dedicated account manager on a quarterly basis to review IT reports, executive reports, budgeting and planning as well as a chance to provide any feedback on our services.

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