The Biztek Team by Derek Anderson | Biztek Solutions, Inc.

The Biztek Team

  • Derek Anderson Derek Anderson, "The Wise Owl" vCIO, President Meet Derek
  • Brian Modrak Brian Modrak, "The Veiled Strength" Team Service Manager Meet Brian
  • Cayla Chastain Cayla Chastain, "The Editor-In-Chief" Service Coordinator Meet Cayla
  • Jesse Elias Jesse Elias, "The Avant-garde" L2 System Administrator Meet Jesse
  • Bryan Castillo Byron Castillo, "The Maestro" Project Manager & L2 Network Administrator Meet Bryon
  • Zack Hogeboom Zack Hogeboom, "The Diplomat" Help Desk Technician Meet Zack
  • Roy Gonzalez Roy Gonzalez, "The Trend Setter" Business Development Manager Meet Roy
  • Yale Sharma Yale Sharma, "The Good Citizen" Help Desk Technician Meet Yale
Biztek 11 Point Culture

Integrity - DWYSYWD: We will always do what we say we will do.  In order to build trust within the organization and especially with customers, we will always be honest and truthful in our actions and words.

Communication - We will openly communicate with others, being sure to listen intently to understand their point of view and concerns.  We will help our customers understand their systems, in terms of functions, capacity and efficiency, and how their systems impact their business.

Collaboration - We will work together, as a team, to serve the best interests of our clients.  We will also collaborate with our customers in helping them understand and utilize their technology to the best of its ability so that they can maximize their ROI.

Ownership - We will take ownership and be accountable for our actions.  If we make a mistake, we will own up to the mistake and take the necessary actions to remedy the problem.  We will also act in way that shows a level of ownership in each of our clients’ organizations.

Detail - We pay attention to the details of our customers’ complex systems so that they do not have to worry about them.

Systems - We understand the value systems have in a business.  We will always seek the best systems to provide solutions for our customers and suggest system improvements when necessary.

Consistency - We will be consistent with our words and actions so our customers will always know what to expect from doing business with us.

Reliability - We understand the value of technology in a business and the impact these systems can have if not functioning properly.  We strive to provide the best services and solutions for our customers that will provide the reliability they expect from their systems and service provider.

Innovation - We create new and better ways of accomplishing goals through continuing research and education, peer-to-peer development, wisdom and creativity.  We will be open to new ideas and think outside the box to help find the best solutions possible for our customers.

Gratitude - We are thankful to do business with our customers and to be able to help their businesses succeed with good technology.

Fun - We seek to have fun on the job in our interactions with customers and each other.  While the nature of our business can be serious, we will keep a positive attitude and always look for the positive in every situation.