vCIO – Virtual Chief Information Officer in West Covina

vCIO - Virtual Chief Information Officer in West CovinaSmall- and medium-sized businesses have a lot of weight on their shoulders. Managing and operating a business, regardless of size and/ or industry is very challenging, and sometimes the challenges and obstacles seem to overpower the successes. However, there are ways to make owning and operating a business that much easier: by the power of delegation and outsourcing. If you own and/ or operate a business and you don’t think it’s in your budget to outsource, think again. Don’t pass up an opportunity to gain access to a wide range of resources, services, and solutions without first consulting with an experienced, reputable, and professional firm. Contact Biztek Solutions for vCIO – virtual Chief Information Officer in West Covina.

A vCIO, or virtual CIO, is an outsourced independent contractor or company that performs the same services and maintains the same responsibilities as an in-house, on-site CIO, but without the high salary.

At Biztek Solutions, we specialize in the following areas:

  • Managed IT services
  • Mobile device management
  • Computer IT support services
  • IT project management
  • Data backup
  • Cloud computing services
  • PCI compliance assessments
  • Secure email encryption
  • Email migrations

At Biztek Solutions, we specialize in helping businesses grow, implement, and streamline their technology and IT functions so they can focus on growing the business in the best ways they know how. In fact, IT support is one of the top client verticals at Biztek Solutions. It’s important to have a team on your side that supports your initiatives, projects, so you can focus on other crucial areas of your business.

How Can Biztek Solutions Help Me?

At Biztek Solutions, we go above and beyond to provide the help, support, and creative, innovative solutions your business is looking for. To learn more about how your business can take advantage of this invaluable service, call Biztek Solutions today at (800)353-5430 for more information on a vCIO – virtual Chief Information Officer in West Covina.