Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) in Irvine

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) in IrvineA company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) has many duties, which include dealing with all things “techy” and how technology can generate revenue and growth for the business. The CIO is the commander in chief of a company’s IT infrastructure. He or she sets the company’s standards and benchmarks for technology usage while also looking ahead to new opportunities to help decision makers answer the question: “How can technology make our business better and make us more money?” Unfortunately, this all-important CIO executive position comes with a prohibitive, usually unobtainable price tag. So, since all businesses need someone to provide this type of service, what is an alternative solution? The answer: A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) in Irvine.

By effectively using vCIO services, small and medium-sized businesses can compete with bigger businesses by spending a fraction of the cost needed to employ a full-time CIO. Call Biztek Solutions for information.

Here are just a few important services that BizTek Solutions’ vCIO can provide your business:

  • A vCIO service provides on-call, as-needed expertise to deal with disaster recovery. It also imparts experience, strategies and knowledge for avoiding similar situations in the future.
  • The service will help with your business’ IT strategy and planning.
  • In order to provide your company with the best, most comprehensive assistance, Biztek Solutions’ vCIO service will work with any in-house technical staff or consultants with whom you already have relationships.
  • Biztek Solutions will also recommend updated and proven strategies for resolving complex and unique IT issues that may arise.

Virtual Chief Information services provide so many cost-effective IT benefits to small- and medium-sized businesses. Call Biztek Solutions today at (800)353-5430 to learn more about how a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) in Irvine can provide exceptional IT experience, knowledge, availability and problem-solving capabilities for your business.